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Wings Flapping of Migratory Birds in an Anarchist’s Fingers

"In Abul Azad’s visual dictionary the word ‘still life’ is elaborated as follows: the objects related to and resulted by a person’s life and these objects are seen arrayed in a certain fashion as providence would suggest and these objects would remain in the same way as if they were caught in and frozen by time."

- Johny ML

Wings Flapping of Migratory Birds in an Anarchist’s Fingers2020-01-22T18:52:22+05:30

Truth Of The Matter, Reality Of The Image

"Over all, the corpus of Azad’s work can be seen to have a thrust towards an archive of local micro-history at the level of personal memory and in that sense, his works add up to a kind of social anthropology of his land and its people, though not necessarily in the line of tradition of the objective documentary."

- R Nandakumar

Truth Of The Matter, Reality Of The Image2019-12-14T13:49:14+05:30

Photos with a difference

"Abul Kalam Azad's overindulgence with Barthesian ideas, and acts of scratching and drawing images, mainly images of violation like sword, torch etc., on photographs bring forth a picture of witchcraft".

- Rakesh Sinha

Photos with a difference2020-01-11T18:44:41+05:30

Chemical strategies of violation

"Abul’s photographs (or work with photographs?) necessitate such a different approach for their successive readings. There is something blasphemous in the conversion of a news photographer into an artist who uses photographs for his creative expression. The blasphemy lies in his bold attempt to subvert the common norms attributed to a photo journalist. "

- Johny ML and Mrinal M Kulkarni

Chemical strategies of violation2019-12-14T13:49:53+05:30
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