Project Description

Cochin Dockland


These are simple, poetic images of the Cochin dockland landscape, architecture, people, etc., shot using a simple, inexpensive, toy film camera (Lomography). In 2010, I decided to move out of my home town in Kochin Island, Kerala. My studio Mayalokam was based in the busy ancient market of Mattancherry. I was going through a personal and professional transition period, and I left behind my expensive cameras, light equipment, etc. I started using very basic handy cameras, such as small pinhole plastic cameras and films, mobile phones, etc. to continue my photographic practice. Cochin Dockland was shot during my last days in my town. Most of them were shot during my sleepless nights. Late hours, the busiest market becomes tranquil and still. The out of focus, blur, and natural lighting, narrates the mood and tranquility.

Cochin Dockland (series)  |   2010   |  Lo-Fi Analogue

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