Project Description

My Anger and Other Stories


My Anger and Other Stories, is an autobiographical still-life series that I did in 2010. These limited edition prints are fully archival. I am using Hahnemühle acid-free paper. In the dictionary of visual art, the word ‘still life’ can be elaborated as follows: the objects related to and resulted by a person’s life and these objects are seen arrayed in a certain fashion as providence would suggest and these objects would remain in the same way as if they were caught in and frozen by time. Their stillness shows that the person who has caused such an arrangement is equally still or methodically careless. Objects from everyday life, each with its own story and memories, are intimate. At the same time, they are symbolic of the society and its complex structures. It evokes a sense of nostalgia and/or curiosity. In My Anger and Other Stories, the broken toys of my children, the stones from the Dead Sea, a bronze pot that has suffered heavy bouts of angry beating, a balm, a mosquito bat – everything blends together weaving the story of my life and surroundings – its turbulent ups and downs, love, denial, and triumphs.

My Anger and Other Stories  |   2010   |  35mm Lo-fi Digital

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