Project Description

Still Life


The genre of still life in art has seen path-breaking experimentations starting pre-historic times, and continues to survive well into the postmodern period. Still Lifes is another recurrent theme in my works. For me, “still life” connotes a different meaning, importance, and relevance, an understanding which also has developed over the period. I see them as objects that are directly connected with my everyday life, each with its own story and memories that are intimate and deeply personal; and at the same time, some objects are symbolic to the society and its complex structures – mythical, mythological, religious and otherwise. That is why, found objects, printed materials, used/discarded items, etc. have a place my still life works. The Trap done in 1991 – 1995, and exhibited in Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi is a set of three large chemical prints that had allegorical objects – a mousetrap, used handgun bullets collected from Kashmir and a dagger – each image with its pure surface scratched, doodled, and drawn with images of violation such as sword, torch, etc.

Trap   |   1991 – 1992   |  120mm Film Negative   |   Scratched and Doodled Photographic Prints

Still Life   |   1992 – 1995   |  35mm Film Negative   |   Archival Pigment Prints

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